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Woodlink Wrap-Around Squirrel Bafflers, Black, Pack of 2

Woodlink Wrap-Around Squirrel Bafflers, Black, Pack of 2

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Keep squirrels off of your pole mounted bird feeders with this pair of Woodlink Black Wrap-Around Squirrel Bafflers. The innovative design of these baffles allows you to place them around bird feeder poles after the poles have been installed into the ground, rather than before attaching your feeders. The split design features a groove and tab, which easily interlock when the units are placed on the poles. An included clamp keeps the items from sliding off the poles, for added security. These proven, practical baffles protect both your birds and their favorite seed with their 13.5" diameter. The durable, weather resistant steel construction and powder coated black finish will maintain their beauty and functionality season after season. These baffles are designed to fit poles with 0.5" to 1.375" outside diameters. Protect your bird feeders and bird houses from predators with these Black Wrap-Around Squirrel Bafflers.

Note: This package contains 2 of the Woodlink Wrap-Around Squirrel Bafflers, Black, 13.5" dia. each.

Dimensions: 13.5" dia. x 5.25"H each
Mounting: pole mount
Construction: steel
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