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Woodlink Bluebird House Package with Poles

Woodlink Bluebird House Package with Poles

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Provide shelter to four beautiful bluebird families with this Woodlink Bluebird House Package with Poles. These wonderful birds often readily use a manmade cavity for roosting, and this package is a fantastic way to start a bluebird trail. Each of the four Woodlink Bluebird Houses is crafted from durable, 0.75" thick cedar, bringing a rustic and natural hint to your backyard. The 1.625" diameter entry on each home allows bluebirds to access them, and the lapped, slanted roof protects each nest from the elements. This generous overhang directs water away from each entry, and a gap on the base drains any captured water. Place a Classic Bluebird House Nest Lift by Prime Retreat inside each of the roosts, protecting the nests from parasites. The abodes' cedar construction helps insulate the units, and ventilation gaps in the top corners keep them all at just the right temperature for nestlings. Lift the front panels upward for nest checks, and use the metal latches to keep them closed and your feathered friends safe. The included Erva Deluxe Birding Poles with Ground Sleeves and Mounting Adapters attach to the back or base of each home, and then may be inserted in soil. The hardy, steel construction of the poles and adapters withstands exposure to the elements, furthered by their black, powder coated finish. Made with bluebirds' needs in mind, these shelters will certainly offer wonderful nesting spots for many seasons. Begin a bluebird trail in your area using this Bluebird House Package with Poles.

Kit Contents:
Qty 4 Woodlink Bluebird Houses
Qty 4 Erva Deluxe Birding Poles with Ground Sleeves and Mounting Adapters
Qty 4 Classic Bluebird House Nest Lifts by Prime Retreat

Opening: 1.625" dia.
House Dimensions: 7"L x 6"W x 11.75"H
House Mounting: mount on included pole
House Construction: cedar
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