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Troyer's Birds' Paradise

Troyer's Vented Gourd Replacement Caps, Pack of 4

Troyer's Vented Gourd Replacement Caps, Pack of 4

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Help regulate the temperature in your existing Troyer's SuperGourds with these Troyer's Vented Gourd Replacement Caps. Using these 4 durable, threaded plastic caps on your existing purple martin SuperGourds (not included) throughout the summer is a unique new way to keep the nestlings cool. A PVC elbow in the center of each plastic cap angles downward, directing hot air out of the cavity. Heavy-duty polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors ensure longevity on each cap, and their fully opaque bodies prevent light from reaching nests without requiring any liners. Ribs on the outside edge of each cap provide you with a fantastic and comfortable grip, making replacement of existing caps convenient. The base of each elbow also threads onto the caps, ensuring they can always angle downward to keep hot air away from nestlings. Maintain the temperature inside 4 of your existing martin SuperGourds with these Vented Gourd Replacement Caps. Made in the USA.

Note: This package contains 4 of the Troyer's Vented Gourd Replacement Caps.

Dimensions: 5" dia. x 2.25"H each
Mounting: screw onto existing SuperGourds (not included)
Construction: plastic, PVC
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