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Tie Boss 3/8" Block and Tackles, Blue, Pack of 2

Tie Boss 3/8" Block and Tackles, Blue, Pack of 2

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Make quick and easy work of hoisting cumbersome objects with these Tie Boss Blue 3/8" Block and Tackles. Using these pulley systems handily amplifies the force applied, helping lift larger items up to 300 pounds upward in moments. Dual, blue plastic pulley wheels rest inside hardy, metal frames, and included "S" hooks create durable connections. A patented, serrated jam cleat on each matching blue, plastic housing keeps the 3/8" braided polypropylene ropes locked into position, and the teeth here prevent the ropes from snapping back or stretching. Using both pulleys per assembly reduces the force needed to lift a load by 66%, perfect for heavy duty tasks. The traditional design and hardy construction make these mechanisms welcome additions to any tool set, fantastic for use during hunting, camping, or boating activities. Versatile, straightforward, and durable, these Blue 3/8" Block and Tackles will meet a wealth of your lifting needs.

Note: This case pack contains 2 of the Tie Boss 3/8" Block and Tackles, Blue.

Jam Cleat Dimensions: 4.75"L x 2.375"W x 1"D each
Mounting: attach pulleys to stable surface
Construction: plastic pulley wheels and jam cleat, metal hooks, polypropylene rope
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