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Stokes Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Black, 15" dia., 4 Pack

Stokes Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Black, 15" dia., 4 Pack

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Shield several pole mounted items from squirrel damage using these Stokes Black Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles. These 4 lasting, steel deflectors form a physical barrier below your birding accents, preventing squirrels from reaching the items. A gap on the side of each unit allows you to place it on an existing pole or shepherd hook with a 0.5" to 1.25" outer diameter, and an included coupler keeps each piece securely in place. The black finish meshes with many existing poles, while the all steel construction provides both strength and longevity to the baffles. These barriers are most effective when placed 4' to 5' off the ground, and your birding item situated 10' to 12' away from tree branches or structural overhangs. Discourage squirrels from trying to pilfer seed with these Black Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles.

Note: This case pack contains 4 of the Stokes Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Black, 15" dia. each.

Dimensions: 15" dia. x 5.75"H each
Mounting: pole mount
Construction: steel
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