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Prime Retreat

Slant-Front Bluebird House by Prime Retreat

Slant-Front Bluebird House by Prime Retreat

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Safeguard bluebird nesting sites from starlings and some sparrows by placing this Slant-Front Bluebird House by Prime Retreat in your yard. This innovative option provides shelter to your favorite musical songbird, while its unique shape discourages other birds from using it. The extended back panel forms a tall shelter, while the front tapers toward the base. Bluebirds will readily use this design, and access the nesting box via its 1.5" diameter, front entry, but the narrow body is not appealing to starlings and sparrows. A wooden platform sits 2.125" above the base of the home, providing these birds extra space to create their nest, which is another deterrent for unwanted birds. The overhanging roof keeps water out of the nesting cavity, and a slot at the top of the front panel ventilates the piece. Swing this front panel upward to check the nest, and turn the metal latch to keep it securely closed. A hanging tab with predrilled holes aids in placing this abode against a post or wall with the included hardware, or a mounting bracket (not included) can attach to the lower part of the nest box for placement on a pole. Its pine body lends a bright look to the shelter, and will remain durable for repeated nesting seasons. Encourage bluebirds to roost in your yard by adding this Slant-Front Bluebird House to it. Made in the USA.

Opening: 1.5" dia.
Dimensions: 6.5"W x 8.875"D x 13.875"H
Mounting: post or pole mount
Construction: pine

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