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Prime Retreat

Seed Pies and Pollinator Books Bundle by Prime Retreat

Seed Pies and Pollinator Books Bundle by Prime Retreat

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Transform your garden into a wonderland for birds, bees, bats, and butterflies with this Seed Pies and Pollinator Books Bundle by Prime Retreat. The varied components in this package provide thorough information on the role these animals play in the environment, as well as a way to begin a wildlife garden in your area. The three Waterford Press booklets each have insight on a different facet of gardening for wildlife or the needs of animals that may frequent the area, and their laminated bodies and folding design make them easy to transport and reference while in the field. Both the Butterflies and Pollinators booklet and the Bees & Other Pollinators booklet focus on common insects and animals that frequent flower gardens. The Gardening for Birds work details what plants to grow to establish a thriving bird garden, and the included GreenBird Seed Pies complete the package. These discs are crafted of recycled paper embedded with seeds, designed to be placed in a shallow hole to encourage germination. Once the sunflowers, cone flowers, black-eyed Susans, and cosmos have sprouted from the discs, cut them apart to situate them within your landscaping. Each tag lists the ideal spacing, sun exposure, and planting depth for the flower, and these units make it easy to monitor the growing cycle of plants and corresponding animal activity. As they begin to germinate and bloom, bees, butterflies, and even bats will frequent the area to obtain a treat and some pollen. Once the flowers have gone to seed at the end of the growing season, songbirds will readily visit for a treat. Encourage local wildlife to visit your yard, and identify the different species with ease thanks to this Seed Pies and Pollinator Books Bundle. Made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Waterford Press Butterflies and Pollinators Booklet
Qty 1 Waterford Press Bees & Other Pollinators Booklet
Qty 1 Waterford Press Gardening for Birds Booklet
Qty 1 GreenBird Sunflower Seed Pies
Qty 1 GreenBird Cone Flower Seed Pies
Qty 1 GreenBird Black-Eyed Susan Seed Pies
Qty 1 GreenBird Cosmos Seed Pies

Booklet Details: 6 panels front and back, 8.25"L x 4"W each
Seed Pie Dimensions: ~6" dia. each
Seed Pie Mounting: place in soil
Seed Pie Construction: recycled paper, seeds
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