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S&K Bo Plus Combo Purple Martin Gourds, Pack of 4

S&K Bo Plus Combo Purple Martin Gourds, Pack of 4

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Improve your existing martin colony with multiple, safe shelters using this bundle of S&K Bo Plus Combo Purple Martin Gourds. This pack of 4 handy gourds gives you all you need to embellish your martin sanctuary, as these durable, plastic units are fantastic nesting options for migratory purple martins. Each home's lightweight, one-piece body protects these charming birds from unpleasant weather while also offering a dark interior to cater to nestlings. A wealth of interior space awaits martins, as each expansive, 9.25" long gourd makes a lengthy and roomy dwelling, and an included porch may be easily attached to just below each gourd's crescent-shaped entry with convenient hardware for additional landing space. The gourds sport a 2.25" wide and 1.25" tall, crescent-shaped entrance to specifically discourage invasive behavior from starlings, allowing martins to colonize without disruption; a cover for each entrance is also included for when you wish to keep the shelter closed. A helpful drainage hole rests on the bottom of each gourd, ensuring a dry and cozy interior, and a spacious, 4" diameter access port facilitates easy maintenance and monitoring of martin activities. A cap lets you cover each access port for martin safety, while the raised top of each gourd comes with a predrilled hole for easy hanging from your racking system. The gourds' tough, textured plastic bodies create lightweight, staunch items for your martin sanctuary, while the white exterior tone of each keeps it cool during summer months. Establish a safe focal point for purple martins to colonize in your backyard with this handy pack of 4 Bo Plus Combo Purple Martin Gourds. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 4 of the S&K Bo Plus Combo Purple Martin Gourds.

Opening: 2.25"W x 1.25"H SREH
Dimensions: 9.25"L x 9"W x 9"H each
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: plastic
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