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S&K Bo Eleven Plus Purple Martin Gourds, Pack of 4

S&K Bo Eleven Plus Purple Martin Gourds, Pack of 4

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Give purple martins a wonderful set of dwellings in your bird garden with this sleek and stylish Pack of 4 S&K Bo Eleven Plus Purple Martin Gourds. This handy pack contains four expansive, white plastic units, offering migratory martins a cool comfortable nesting site that won't overheat in the summer months. Each expansive gourd presents a 9" deep nesting chamber for martin occupancy, while the dual entry setup of these units gives you the option between round or crescent, starling-resistant entrances. A 3.5" long porch snaps simply into place just beneath each gourd entrance, providing an abundance of perching and landing space for martins coming to the item, while the textured, darkened interior gives these feathered friends a comfortable and easy space to reside without losing their grip. Each item's convenient hanger top easily turns, letting you orient the gourds in whichever manner you wish without repositioning your racking system, while each side oval access port lets you perform periodic nest inspections and maintenance; a cap is included to cover each port when you wish to keep it closed. The gourds' "dry nest" drainage system helps keep each domicile fresh and clean, with gaps in each unit's bottom preventing any accumulated moisture. For maximum variety in your birding efforts, optional door plugs let you cover the larger entrances, and allow you turn them into a 1.5" diameter entry hole suitable for bluebirds, or a 2.25" wide and 0.875" tall oval entrance for sparrows. Hardy, UV-protected, molded plastic construction lets you enjoy these stunning martin abodes as you position them throughout your garden, creating a robust and lively colony you can enjoy for season after season. Expand your purple martin sanctuary and create a stunning focal point in your backyard garden with this Pack of 4 Bo Eleven Plus Purple Martin Gourds. Assembly required. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 4 of the S&K Bo Eleven Plus Purple Martin Gourds.

Openings: 3"W x 1.25"H SREH, 2" dia. round entry
Alternate Openings: 2.25"L x 0.875"H oblong, 1.5" dia. round entry
Dimensions: 11"L x 12.25"W x 11"H each
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: plastic
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