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S&K Bo Axis Purple Martin Gourds with Tunnels, Pack of 4

S&K Bo Axis Purple Martin Gourds with Tunnels, Pack of 4

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Expand your purple martin haven by providing these lovable birds an abundance of handy, safe domiciles with this Pack of 4 S&K Bo Axis Purple Martin Gourds with Tunnels. A handy collection of four gourds, this package gives you everything you need to establish multiple, convenient shelters for purple martins as they visit your backyard space. The expansive, one-piece body of each unit lends versatility to the colony, as you can choose either a vertical or horizontal orientation, and each has a lengthy tunnel and porch included for a safe, extended entrance and perching space. The tunnel and porch piece attaches easily and measures 6.5” long and creates a 2.25” long and 1.125” tall, crescent shaped opening over either the horizontal or vertical end, while establishing a protective tunnel to turn away unwanted birds. A helpful cap can be removed from either entrance you wish to cover with the tunnel and then placed over the other end, making this a pair of convenient and variable accessories for the shelter. These molded plastic gourds sport an expansive 9” diameter body, and the white tone of each piece’s rough exterior helps keep the temperature cool as martins take solace inside the spacious interior. Each crescent-style entry is designed to prevent starlings from invading the nest, and raised patterns on each gourd’s neck make for a handy grip for martins. The 4” diameter access port gives you a simple way to perform cleanings and observe these charming birds, and a threaded cap here allows you to keep the port securely shut. All four of these wonderful units give you the opportunity to create a luxurious purple martin haven on your property; hang them in the garden and establish a martin sanctuary in no time. Establish multiple versatile and handy nesting sites for purple martins in your backyard space with this pack of 4 Bo Axis Purple Martin Gourds with Tunnels. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 4 of the S&K Bo Axis Purple Martin Gourds with Tunnels.

Opening: 2.25”L x 1.125” SREH
Dimensions: 9" dia. x 12"H each
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: plastic
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