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Prime Retreat

Rustic Farmhouse Star Bird Feeder with Divine Blend Seed

Rustic Farmhouse Star Bird Feeder with Divine Blend Seed

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Provide hungry birds with a fun and unique dining spot with the Rustic Farmhouse Star Bird Feeder with Divine Blend Seed package by Prime Retreat. This Woodlink Rustic Farmhouse Star Bird Feeder's black tone and metal construction lend a bold contrast to your garden’s natural scenery, while filling it with the included bags of Divine Blend Wild Bird Seed Mix will keep feathered friends regularly visiting for a tasty treat. The feeder’s steel frame and 0.25” square mesh construction prevents spills while securely holding up to 0.85 quarts of feed, and this unique seed blend is made without “filler” seed to reduce waste and give maximum energy to a variety of feasting birds. Multiple birds will easily cling to the feeder’s spacious frame to enjoy their snack, and the unit’s top panel slides up the included hanger to allow for simple refilling and maintenance whenever you need to add more of the Divine Blend Mix. Raised stars on either side of the eye-catching feeder further enhance the shape, and the item’s powder coated finish promises long lasting durability. Hang the star from a tree or hook in your garden with the attached cable to set up a whimsical and nutritional haven for avian visitors. Create a brilliant bird feeding station in your yard and replenish it easily using this Rustic Farmhouse Star Bird Feeder with Divine Blend Seed package.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Woodlink Rustic Farmhouse Star Bird Feeder
Qty 25 lbs. Wild Bird Seed Mix, Divine Blend

Birds that use this feeder:
  • chickadees, finches, flickers, goldfinches, grackles, grosbeaks, jays, juncos, kinglets, nuthatches, redpolls, siskins, sparrows, starlings, titmice, towhees, woodpeckers, and wrens
Seed or Feed Options: cracked corn, peanut chunks, peanuts in the shell, and sunflower seed
Feeder Capacity: 0.85 qts., 1.275 lbs.
Dimensions: 12"L x 2.5"W x 12"H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: steel
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