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Rome Ultimate Marshmallow Tree Roaster, Pack of 4

Rome Ultimate Marshmallow Tree Roaster, Pack of 4

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Celebrate the outdoors while cooking over a campfire with the Rome Ultimate Marshmallow Tree Roaster. This adorable utensil not only allows you to roast several marshmallows at once; its striking shape evokes a tree branch with several twigs for a fun hint to your cooking. The main, 37.5" long, steel shaft curves and bends to mimic a tree, and splits at the end to form twig shapes. Each of the 10 twigs can hold a marshmallow, small vegetable, or piece of meat, for you to cook several items over the fire at once. The 6" long, wooden handle creates a secure grip, and also insulates the metal to keep you safe. A leather strap attached to the handle makes storing the item simple, and its robust construction will withstand use over and over again. Warm several treats over a fire with this Ultimate Marshmallow Tree Roaster.

Note: This case pack includes 4 of the Rome Ultimate Marshmallow Tree Roasters.

Dimensions: 44"L x 8.75"W x 1.5"D
Construction: steel, wood
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