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Rome Brass Sunrise & Sunset Sundial with Pillar Pedestal

Rome Brass Sunrise & Sunset Sundial with Pillar Pedestal

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Track the time while exhibiting a beautiful homage to the vibrant sun with this Rome Brass Sunrise & Sunset Sundial with Pillar Pedestal. This convenient package includes the Brass Sunrise and Sunset Sundial, a robust and lovely unit with a dial featuring a sun’s face in relief, emanating solar rays. Surrounding the sun are Roman numerals, as well as the words "Sunrise~Sunset" which occupy the bottom of the dial; the perimeter of the item is enclosed by a polished brass colored rim for alluring effect. Make elevated display of this eye-catching sundial a simple task with the included Verdigris Cast Iron Pillar Pedestal. The hardy unit sports a wide base, tapering as it goes upward, while timeless, column styling and angled sides portray additional visual interest. A horizontal support bar and large screw help you situate your dial atop the unit, as the verdigris hue of the pedestal adds tremendous and vivid coloration to the entire setup. Face the dial toward celestial north and use the verdigris gnomon to track the shadow over the numerals for an accurate telling of the time. Raised, polished brass colored sections on the dial expertly contrast the verdigris of the pedestal, and the staunch brass body of the dial and cast iron construction of the pedestal ensure a long-lasting and enduring focal point for your backyard. Bring natural, solar flair to your backyard while utilizing nature as part of your daily activities with the Brass Sunrise & Sunset Sundial with Pillar Pedestal kit.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Rome Brass Sunrise & Sunset Sundial, Verdigris, 8.5" dia.
Qty 1 Rome Cast Iron Pillar Pedestal, Verdigris, 24"

Sundial Dimensions: 8.5" dia. x 5.375"H
Pedestal Dimensions: 8" dia. x 24"H, 6.75" dia. top
Sundial Mounting: attach to pedestal
Pedestal Mounting: place on flat surface
Sundial Construction: brass
Pedestal Construction: cast iron
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