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LE Sommer Seed

Peanuts in the Shell, 10 lbs.

Peanuts in the Shell, 10 lbs.

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Provide an exciting food option for birds and wildlife alike when you offer these nutritious Peanuts in the Shell in your outdoor sanctuary. This handy source of sustenance is enjoyed by birds, squirrels, and various wildlife in different types of feeding units. Tray or squirrel feeders may be used to distract pesky squirrels, deterring them from invading your bird feeders. Alternately, fill a specialty tube feeder with these nourishing peanuts to attract a wealth of animals looking for a tasty treat. The shell makes this feed great for deer and other wildlife, and the nuts inside have plenty of oil and fat to help select birds thrive. Keep the wildlife in your backyard and surrounding space well fed when you offer them these Peanuts in the Shell.

Note: These Peanuts in the Shell are packaged in a 10 pound bag.

Birds that enjoy this seed:
  • crows, flickers, jays, titmice, and woodpeckers
Feeder Options: tray feeders, squirrel feeders, and some tube feeders
Ingredients: whole peanuts in the shell
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