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Prime Retreat

Peanut Box Squirrel Feeder & Peanuts by Prime Retreat

Peanut Box Squirrel Feeder & Peanuts by Prime Retreat

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Offer hungry squirrels a tasty treat in their very own feeding haven by setting up this Peanut Box Squirrel Feeder and Peanuts package by Prime Retreat in your backyard space. This bundle provides not only a feeding unit but also an ample amount of peanut splits to easily and seamlessly offer backyard critters a fresh and nutritious treat. The included Coveside Peanut Box Squirrel Feeder gives you a clean and straightforward feeding station with rustic, visual appeal, with a generous, 5.5” wide and 3.875” long platform protruding from the feeder’s base to give squirrels a comfortable and spacious resting and snacking spot. Easily lift the unit’s lid to fill the reservoir with the included Raw Peanut Splits to give squirrels their desired source of sustenance and energy. The high protein and fat content of these peanuts entices squirrels and other wildlife for a caloric treat, and its bag allows for easy handling. A 4.25” x 4” plexiglass front lets squirrels easily locate the peanuts on offer, and these critters can lift the lid to help themselves to the smorgasbord within. A downward slanting roof helps redirect excess water, keeping your peanuts unspoiled, and the natural complexion of the unit will weather to a lovely, gray hue over time and with exposure to the elements, giving you a dynamic and alluring feeding station. The bottom panel sports gaps to facilitate water drainage, and the predrilled hole on the item’s top lip lets you easily mount the feeder to a post or tree for a charming, rustic showcase. Maintain the feeder by sliding the plexiglass panel upward to access the interior for routine cleanings. Give squirrels a feeding station to go nuts over with this helpful and handy Peanut Box Squirrel Feeder and Peanuts package. Feeder made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Coveside Peanut Box Squirrel Feeder
Qty 1 Raw Peanut Splits, 5 lbs.

Feeder Capacity: 1.2 qt., 1.6 lbs.
Feeder Dimensions: 10.75”L x 5.5”W x 10”H
Feeder Mounting: post or tree mount
Feeder Construction: pine, plexiglass
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