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Parasol Shatterproof Flower Feeding Tubes, Pack of 3

Parasol Shatterproof Flower Feeding Tubes, Pack of 3

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Easily replace lost or damaged ports on your existing Parasol hummingbird feeder with these Parasol Shatterproof Flower Feeding Tubes. These 3 robust, shatterproof plastic flowers are specifically made for use with select Parasol hummingbird feeders, keeping them usable season after season. The stem of each piece inserts into one of the openings on your existing Parasol top port feeder, and the red color captures the birds' attention. Textured petals flare outward to complete the effect, and a narrow opening in the center of each lets the birds dine. These shafts are perfectly sized for hummingbirds but too small for use by bees and other flying insects, stopping them from sullying the nectar. The plastic units offer durability, while remaining bright and functional for many seasons. Keep your Parasol hummingbird feeders in good working order with these Shatterproof Flower Feeding Tubes.

Note: This package contains 3 of the Parasol Shatterproof Flower Feeding Tubes.

Dimensions: ~1.75" dia. x ~2.25"H each
Mounting: place in existing Parasol feeders
Construction: plastic
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