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Panacea Tomatoes Grow Bags, 19" dia., Pack of 12

Panacea Tomatoes Grow Bags, 19" dia., Pack of 12

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Grow a bevy of fresh tomatoes without creating a garden plot using these Panacea Tomatoes Grow Bags. This generous set of 12 robust, burlap planters adds significant growing space to a balcony or deck, for you to enjoy and share your home grown produce. The individual bags can each hold a single tomato plant, and will provide it plenty of room to expand as it matures. For more variety, plant peppers or herbs in the other units so you can combine and celebrate all the flavors of the warm season. A coating on the interior of each planter aids in retaining moisture, and excess water can exit the unit through the drainage hole on its base. Each seam is reinforced for added sturdiness, and bright red handles make repositioning simple. A colorful label on each bag brings a cheerful look to them, and enhances the rustic appeal. Fold these planters flat when not in use, or move them indoors to grow herbs or other crops throughout the year. Create a garden without overtaking your lawn in these Tomatoes Grow Bags.

Note: This case pack contains 12 of the Panacea Tomatoes Grow Bags, 19" dia. each.

Dimensions: 19" dia. x 14.5"H each
Mounting: place on level surface
Construction: burlap
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