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Panacea Round Tomato & Pepper Towers, Galvanized, Pack of 20

Panacea Round Tomato & Pepper Towers, Galvanized, Pack of 20

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Create a thriving garden full of upright support with this generous pack of 20 Panacea Galvanized Round Tomato and Pepper Towers. Situating a metal grid around your plant encourages tendrils to reach out and grip them, reducing root stress for fantastic, upward growth. Each of these circular, galvanized metal units increases in size toward the top, matching the spread of your tomato or pepper plants. Three vertical rods and three horizontal rings create a multitude of places for tendrils to grow around, without crowding the stem, and the 7" diameter base is perfectly sized to go over small plants. The base legs can be installed up to 15" deep into soil, and the galvanized finish protects the supports from the elements. Help your favorite summer crops thrive by placing these Galvanized Round Tomato and Pepper Towers atop them.

Note: This case pack contains 20 of the Panacea Round Tomato and Pepper Towers, Galvanized, 32"H each.

Dimensions: 7" base dia., 12" top dia., 32.5"H each
Mounting: stake into soil
Construction: metal
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