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Panacea Products Corporation

Panacea Moisture Keeper Coco Liners, 16" dia., Pack of 12

Panacea Moisture Keeper Coco Liners, 16" dia., Pack of 12

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Keep the flowers in several of your existing hanging baskets hydrated with help from these Panacea Moisture Keeper Coco Liners. Each of these 12, formed dual liners sits inside an existing, 16" diameter hanging basket with ease. The exterior, formed coco fiber hemispheres offer a classic look in your planters, while a clear plastic interior liner completes them. Raised lines within each plastic piece help them retain their shape, and a few drainage holes prevent overwatering. The flared lip of each keeps these plastic inserts wonderfully seated within the coco fibers, while the brown hue of the natural exteriors contrasts any plants. Maintain several of your existing, large hanging baskets with these Moisture Keeper Coco Liners.

Note: This case pack contains 12 of the Panacea Moisture Keeper Coco Liners, 16" dia. each.

Dimensions: 16" dia. x 7.25"H each
Construction: coco fibers, plastic
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