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Observation Eastern Bluebird Houses with Poles Kit

Observation Eastern Bluebird Houses with Poles Kit

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Welcome feathered friends to a safe and impressive backyard birding haven with this convenient Observation Eastern Bluebird Houses with Poles Kit by Prime Retreat. This amazing package gives you a pair of outstanding, rustic bluebird homes to pair with two staunch poles and included adapters for a comprehensive and eye-catching outdoor setup. The included pair of Coveside Premium Two-Sided Observation Eastern Bluebird Houses are made from sustainably sourced, eastern white pine for an eco-conscious and naturally appealing look, and their unique setup allows you to easily monitor bluebird behavior up close. Both side panels open upward on each abode, with one side sporting a plexiglass panel beneath it for seamless observation and inspection, allowing you the optimal home for keeping an eye on fledglings. For a helpful and bold display, support each home with the pair of included Erva Deluxe Birding Poles with Ground Sleeves and Mounting Adapters. This pair of pole kits lets you easily situate your bluebird abodes in the garden, and their hardy steel construction lends a lasting accessory for your outdoor space. Three tubular steel pole sections attach easily at the swaged ends for each unit, giving you an 80" tall pole when fully assembled for a lofty showcase. A 12" long ground sleeve is included with each pole for stability, as well as a mounting adapter with predrilled holes to attach to the top or base of the home for easy display. A sloping roof overhangs each bird shelter, with gaps located just below for ample ventilation. Each home's 1.5" diameter entry hole gives eastern bluebirds easy access to the interior space, surrounded by a wooden block to keep the abodes safe from predators. Roughened wood in each house's interior gives nestlings a helpful grip, and the powder-coated, black, steel poles lend lasting reliability. With two shelters and poles, you can easily set up a robust birding station in one particular spot in the garden, or spread them around to different areas in the yard for varied focal points. Let bluebirds enjoy elevated, safe habitats in your own outdoor space with the Observation Eastern Bluebird Houses with Poles Kit. Made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 2 Coveside Premium Two-Sided Observation Eastern Bluebird Houses
Qty 2 Erva Deluxe Birding Poles w/ Ground Sleeves & Mounting Adapters

Opening: 1.5" dia.
House Dimensions: 8.25"L x ~6"W x 12.5"H
House Mounting: mount to included poles
House Construction: pine
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