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Nestera Bird Box WiFi Camera & Bird House Set, Corded

Nestera Bird Box WiFi Camera & Bird House Set, Corded

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Bring nesting activities of birds into focus and foster family activity with this Nestera Wooden Bird House with WiFi Camera. This amazing, comprehensive bundle provides you with a bird house, camera, cord, and power supply to create a monitoring station in moments. This is sure to bring generations of birders together, celebrating and observing nesting behavior like never before. A unique, compact WiFi camera nestles snugly in the top section of the home, and readily films in HD color video. Infrared LEDs surround the lens, producing fantastic black and white footage without external lights or disturbing the birds. A state of the art, integrated motion sensor activates the camera only when needed, and a microphone allows you to hear your feathered friends as well as see them. Use the included power supply and cable to run the camera and ensure it receives the necessary WiFi signal.

These fantastic, technological components are a breeze to install thanks to the thoughtful design of the home, while the information syncs to the Nestera Bird Cam App on your smartphone for monitoring and sharing from virtually anywhere. The app has options for watching the nesting activity live or recorded, and can be shared with your friends or followers for community enjoyment. A durable, plastic tray and metal bracket hold the WiFi camera securely in the top third of the home, and an oval opening on this platform aligns with the lens for a direct view of your birds. Lengthy, oblong windows with white, opaque plastic coverings sit on two sides of the home, allowing diffused light to enter for ease of filming and amazing image quality. A small notch within this assembly accommodates the power cord, enabling secure closure of the home without pinching any cables, and a back plastic loop holds this cord nicely in place. With intuitive and thoughtful design, establishing this new technology will have you observing the nesting activity quickly and without complication.

This sustainably sourced, cedar nest box is wonderfully sized for chickadees, wrens, or finches, thanks to the 1.25” diameter entry hole on the front of the shelter. Its pitched roof has a significant overhang, directing water away from the nesting area and deterring predation, while gaps in the base allow captured water to drain. One of the two, included metal hole protectors can be affixed around the entry to prevent other birds from enlarging it, and the full front panel removes for end of season maintenance. A roof ridge accent brings architecture to the forefront, and a predrilled hole on the back panel encourages mounting against a post or wall. Use a mounting plate or bracket (not included) for display on a pole for a different look. The cedar frame is purpose built to be robust and hardy, and the technological elements create amazing opportunities for any avid birder. Closely observe nesting behaviors and share them with your friends and family using this Wooden Bird House with WiFi Camera package.

Kit Contents: 1 nest box, 1 WiFi camera, 1 power supply, 1 power cable
Opening: 1.25” dia.
Camera Dimensions: 1.75”L x 2”W x 1.875”H including bracket
House Dimensions: 8.75”L x 7.5”W x 13”H
Camera Mounting: secure inside house with included bracket
House Mounting: wall, post, or pole mount
Camera Construction: metal, plastic, glass
House Construction: cedar, plastic
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