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Miracle Tube Vented Seedling Protectors, 60"H, Pack of 5

Miracle Tube Vented Seedling Protectors, 60"H, Pack of 5

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Turn the area directly around your seedling into a fantastic growing environment using these Tree Pro 60" Miracle Tube Vented Seedling Protectors. Adding a recycled plastic sleeve around your seedling both guards against external damage and retains moisture around the plant. These 5, nested units increase in size from 3.5" to 4.75" in diameter, supporting a range of saplings, while the generous, 60" height of each provides plenty of upward growth. Ventilation holes along the top half of each tube ensure air reaches the leaves of your trees, while the solid bottom half protects trunks from any spray or weed trimmer mishaps. The off white tone of the units allows light to reach trees and leaves, and the recycled plastic construction remains hardy for many seasons. Insert a wooden stake with a matching height next to this tube, and slide the preinstalled zip ties over the stake for plenty of support. A cuffed top and base complete each tube, and included mesh snaps over the top of each to prevent birds from flying into them. Protect a variety of young trees easily with these 60" Miracle Tube Vented Seedling Protectors. Tubes made in the USA.

Note: This package does not contain stakes.

Package Contents: 5 tree tubes, 10 zip ties, 5 pieces of bird mesh
Dimensions: 3.5" to 4.75" dia. x 60"H each
Mounting: wrap around saplings
Construction: recycled plastic
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