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Mid-Century Coppertop Oriole Feeder and Nectar Package

Mid-Century Coppertop Oriole Feeder and Nectar Package

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Introduce a timeless aesthetic and offer sweet nectar to orioles in your yard with this Mid-Century Coppertop Oriole Feeder and Nectar Package by Prime Retreat.

  • Fantastic package allows you to beckon lively and entertaining orioles to your yard while offering a nutritious helping of nectar.
  • Included, Woodlink Mid-Century Coppertop Oriole Feeder sports a traditionally-tapered and translucent, amber glass bottle for a classic look.
  • Glass bottle holds 12 ounces of nectar, essential when attracting and feeding orioles.
  • The feeder’s copper-colored metal top and base create a bold accent, and 3 plastic orange fruit slices form ports on the item’s 5.5” diameter base to let multiple birds dine.
  • Each feeding port is accompanied by a black, metal wire curved to match the base’s angle for suitable perching.
  • Supply the feeder with the included, 750 milliliter bottle of nectar to offer a nutritious treat for orioles.
  • Calcium and electrolytes within this premixed liquid help orioles thrive, and all-natural extracts of fruit help attract them to the garden.
  • The bottle perfectly mimics a wine bottle for charm, and the twist off cap makes it easy to open and close as needed.
  • The 7” diameter feeder cap includes a single black loop for suspending the unit while also protecting the ports from bad weather.
  • Unscrew the round top from the bottle to expose a copper-colored metal ant moat, preventing pests from accessing the nectar ports down below.
  • The feeder base disassembles to give access to the black, plastic reservoir holding up to 4 additional ounces of nectar, which orioles can obtain through the ports.
  • Metal construction and solid, amber glass bottle gives the feeder a staunch but delicate appeal.
  • Nectar made in the USA.
Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Woodlink Mid-Century Coppertop Oriole Feeder, 16 oz.
Qty 1 Sweet-Nectar Clear Oriole Nectar, Ready-to-Use, 750 mL

Birds that use this feeder:
  • orioles
Seed or Feed Options: nectar
Feeder Capacity: 16 oz.; 3 ports
Feeder Dimensions: 3.5" dia. reservoir x 11.5"H, 7" dia. top
Feeder Mounting: may be hung
Feeder Construction: metal, glass, plastic
Nectar Bottle Size: 750 milliliters
Nectar Ingredients: water, sugar, all-natural fruit extracts, potassium chloride (electrolytes), citric acid (pH adjustment), calcium carbonate
Nectar Guaranteed Analysis: maximum moisture 82%, minimum sugar 18%, minimum salts 0.025%, minimum calcium 25 ppm
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