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Prime Retreat

Metal Six Station Oriole Feeder Kit by Prime Retreat

Metal Six Station Oriole Feeder Kit by Prime Retreat

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Make your garden into a restaurant for orioles using this Orange Metal Six Station Oriole Feeder Kit by Prime Retreat.

  • Set of a metal, hanging oriole feeder and information card is great for beginning birders.
  • A glass dish sits in the center of this metal frame, perfect for holding jelly, nectar, suet nuggets, or mealworms.
  • Dual rods extend below this dish, forming a variety of perching spots.
  • Stakes on each side of the frame can hold a slice of an orange or other fruit.
  • Pitched roof protects the feed from the elements.
  • Top loop allows the feeder to be hung.
  • Metal frame remains durable for many seasons of use, and the orange finish captures attention.
  • Included fact card provides insight on these amazing birds.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Orange Metal Six Station Oriole Feeder
Qty 1 Oriole Fun Facts card

Birds that use this feeder:

  • blackbirds, bluebirds, cardinals, chickadees, doves, finches, flickers, goldfinches, grackles, grosbeaks, jays, juncos, kinglets, mockingbirds, nuthatches, orioles, redpolls, robins, siskins, sparrows, starlings, tanagers, thrushes, titmice, towhees, warblers, waxwings, woodpeckers, and wrens

Seed or Feed Options: cracked corn, fruit, mealworms, mixed seed, nectar, peanut chunks, safflower seed, suet, sunflower kernels, sunflower seed, and thistle seed
Capacity: 0.5 cups, 2 pieces of fruit
Dimensions: 10"L x 7"W x 10"H
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: metal, glass

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