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Messinas Plotsaver Concentrate, 1 gal., Pack of 2

Messinas Plotsaver Concentrate, 1 gal., Pack of 2

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Protect the herbs, vegetables, and blooms on your personal property and keep them from being hindered with help from this 2 pack of Messinas Plotsaver Concentrate. This amazing pair of gallon containers gives you an efficient and reliable means for treating your plant life, utilizing active ingredients from essential oils like mint and rosemary to lend a handy and safe solution for your pest control and garden security needs. The invaluable product may be applied to your existing Messinas Plotsaver Deer Barrier Ribbon (not included) or sprayed directly on plant leaves that need an extra barrier of protection, giving you a method for fostering an optimal, safe environment for all your backyard blooms. This fantastic concoction presents a sensory, physical barrier to deer, elk, and moose to deter these large mammals from trespassing and trampling on your lawn as new blossoms get the chance to thrive. Select a particular plant or area in need of enhancement and apply the formula directly to crop leaves, making sure they are extensively covered, while taking care to not overspray. The wealth of formula in these gallon containers gives you a generous amount of help for your expansive outdoor property, and simple applications can be repeated every month, or whenever needed to help you set up a bustling and well-guarded growing locale. Offer maximum help to backyard plants to give them optimal security and protection throughout the entire year with this outstanding pack of 2 Plotsaver Concentrate bottles. Made in the USA. Thirty day guarantee.

Note: This case pack contains 2 bottles of Messinas Plotsaver Concentrate, 1 gal. each.

Active Ingredients: Putrescent Whole Egg Solids: 14.46%
Rosemary Oil: 2.04%
Cornmint Oil: 1.36%
Other ingredients: 82.140%
Container Size: 1 gal. each
Mfg. Warranty: 30 day guarantee
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