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Messinas Deer Stopper Deer Repellent w/Trigger, 2 Pack

Messinas Deer Stopper Deer Repellent w/Trigger, 2 Pack

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Stop irksome deer from invading your lawn and harming your property by using this convenient two pack of Messinas Deer Stopper Deer Repellents with Nested Triggers. This handy pair of 1 gallon containers gives you a valuable, beneficial formula to help you keep deer, moose, and elk from trampling or bedding down your plants and outdoor growth. Active ingredients from eggs, cornmint oil, and rosemary oil make this formula a safe and viable method for stopping the nettlesome behaviors of deer and larger animal threats. Both of these ample, gallon containers contain a nested trigger within the carrying handle to make applying this formula an easy process, letting you swiftly treat plants and shrubs on your land that need extra protection. Simply spray the fantastic, effective proeuct in a fine mist to plant leaves that you wish to protect from deer, extensively covering the leaves to achieve the best results. Upon application, this odor-free mixture achieves results due to its smell and taste, discouraging the unwanted interest of deer and moose, while remaining effective even in the wake of rainfall and harsh weather. The dual pack lends suitable security to a large stretch of your land, letting you blooms and plant life flourish without being hindered. The trusty concoction poses no threat to children, pets, or plant life; the plant-based formula of each container doesn't use any harsh chemicals to achieve its optimal results. Take precautions to keep deer and other wildlife away while your plants flourish with this two pack of Deer Stopper Deer Repellents with Nested Triggers. Made in the USA. Thirty day guarantee.

Note: This case pack contains 2 of the Messinas Deer Stopper Deer Repellents with Nested Triggers, Ready to Use, 1 gallon each.

Active Ingredients: Putrescent Whole Egg Solids: 1.520%
Rosemary Oil: 0.204%
Cornmint Oil: 0.136%
Other Ingredients: 98.140%
Container Size: 1 gal. each
Method of Application: spray as needed
Mfg. Warranty: 30 day guarantee
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