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Messinas Animal Stopper, RTU, 32 oz., Pack of 2

Messinas Animal Stopper, RTU, 32 oz., Pack of 2

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Keep your herbs and vegetables well-protected from invasive animal behavior in the garden with this handy pack of 2 Messinas Ready to Use Animal Stoppers. This convenient, dual pack of safe and effective spray bottles ensures your backyard space remains unsullied by animal activity, utilizing a convenient mixture of cornmint oil, rosemary oil, and putrescent whole egg solids to provide a natural method for handling these pesky intrusions. The brilliant formula offers you an optimal deterrent against rabbits, raccoons, groundhogs, and other smaller garden animals to provide extensive protection for your blooms and vegetables. For convenient use, just spray the product directly from the bottle over any area on your land that requires extra protection against marauding animals, being sure to cover affected leaves while not overspraying. If tending to an area with edible plant life, a perimeter application is advised in lieu of a direct spray, and application to all affected spots may be repeated as necessary to continually safeguard against nettlesome animal attention. Store both of these bottles at room temperature when not in use until another treatment is needed. The two bottles give you an ample amount of formula, aiding in your plant raising efforts and enhancing your ability to grow flourishing and thriving herbs in the garden. Protect your landscaping from inconvenient animal attention and activity with this safe and effective pack of 2 Ready to Use Animal Stopper sprays. Made in the USA. Thirty day guarantee.

Note: This case pack contains 2 bottles of Messinas Ready to Use Animal Stopper spray, 32 oz. each.

Active Ingredients: Cornmint Oil: 1.68%
Rosemary Oil: 1.68%
Putrescent Whole Egg Solids: 1.53%
Cinnamon Oil: 0.42%
Other ingredients: 94.69%
Container Size: 32 oz. each
Method of Application: spray as needed
Mfg. Warranty: 30 day guarantee
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