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Marshall Sphere Pot Trellises, Gray, 20"H, Pack of 2

Marshall Sphere Pot Trellises, Gray, 20"H, Pack of 2

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Give your garden an element of captivating, elegant allure with this pair of Marshall Gray Sphere Pot Trellises. This duo of eye-catching, bold supports command plenty of attention with their flat, curving slats and sizable finial giving each piece an impression of sleek movement as you situate them in your potted soil. The understated, silver tone of these items provides a dose of vivid, outdoor charm in your yard, and their durable blades lend visual flair when placed among your natural plant growth. Situated just below the robust finial of each trellis is a nut allowing for rotation of the blades to let them lay flat for simple transport and storage, or to extend them fully outward to a 15" diameter sphere, making these a pieces ideal for supporting small to medium plants. The flat section at the end of each curved arm inserts easily into soil, and may also be utilized in 11" diameter or larger planting pots. Each of these interesting, unique items lends ample height while accentuating blossoming plants in compact and alluring style; the robust metal construction allows you to highlight your garden blooms for several seasons of reliable use. Provide stylish and striking support for your blossoming garden blooms with this pack of Gray Sphere Pot Trellises.

Note: This case pack contains 2 of the Marshall Sphere Pot Trellises, Gray, 20"H

Rail Dimensions: square rails, 0.5"L x 0.125"W each
Dimensions: 15" dia. x 20”H each
Mounting: place in soil
Construction: metal
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