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Wild Bird Lover's Single Purple Martin Gourds, Pack of 4

Wild Bird Lover's Single Purple Martin Gourds, Pack of 4

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Bring an abundance of natural, time-tested purple martin dwellings to your bird garden with this pack of 4 Wild Bird Lover's Single Purple Martin Gourds. This handy collection gives you four fantastic gourds to set up in your bird sanctuary, encouraging these colonizing birds to roost. Dried, hollowed gourds were frequently used in centuries past as housing for migratory martins, and the extended neck and rounded body of each piece perfectly depicts this classic, appealing shape. Each gourd has impressed, raised elements at the flared end of the neck, providing optimal texture and pristine appeal, while a 2.125" diameter entry hole on each abode provides safe access for martins. Each entry gives way to a 6.25" diameter, interior nesting area, sizable enough for birds to protect their eggs near the back of the home, where predators cannot reach. The base of every dwelling contains a drainage hole to ensure the home and compartments remain unbothered by rain, and the beige tone of the gourds keeps martins cool throughout hot weather months. These gourds can be simply suspended using an integrated top loop, making it easy to place them below an existing house, or on a gourd rack system for variable appeal. Molded, plastic bodies make for easy maintenance and cleaning as these durable shelters stand the test of time for your feathered occupants. Offer a wealth of generous nesting options for backyard martins with this pack of 4 Single Purple Martin Gourds.

Note: This case pack contains 4 of the Wild Bird Lover's Single Purple Martin Gourds.

Opening: 2.125" dia. each
Dimensions: 6.625" dia. x 12.25"H each
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: plastic
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