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Wild Bird Lover's Purple Martin Gourds and Pole Package

Wild Bird Lover's Purple Martin Gourds and Pole Package

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Establish a fantastic purple martin housing station on your property with the amazing Wild Bird Lover's Purple Martin Gourds and Pole Package. This all-around package gives you 8 outstanding Wild Bird Lover's Single Purple Martin Gourds for you to display handily on the included Wild Bird Lover's 4 Over 4 Aluminum Pole for 8 Gourds, allowing you to set up an extensive martin haven in moments. The eight, included gourds hint at days of old when hollowed gourds served as housing for migratory purple martins, and the 2.125” diameter entry hole of each unit gives safe access to martins. A 6.25” diameter, interior nesting area in each gourd lets martins place their eggs deep enough to be free of predation, and a hole on each slightly flattened base facilitates ample drainage for a clean habitat. Use the integrated top loop on each gourd to attach it to the included pole. This staunch, hardy pole sports four, easily connecting sections for a total elevation of 14’, as well as a ground socket for stability as you display these items in your bird sanctuary. Included, 20” long rods are oriented in dual X designs to hold the cache of gourds, transforming your outdoor space into a fully fledged martin retreat. Rubber washers help to keep the rods snug, while additional washers and pins position the gourds at the end of each arm for flight clearance; a plastic cap tops the pole to prevent the pooling of rain, while the aluminum body remains rust free for a lasting and lightweight display. Proudly showcase this pole and gourds setup in a convenient spot among your natural surroundings; the plastic, durable bodies of the gourds provide you birding accessories that will stand the test of time as you give these entertaining martins a safe and reliable home on your property. Create a safe and wonderful martin station among your outdoor ​décor with the outstanding Purple Martin Gourds and Pole Package. Assembly required.

Kit Contents:
Qty 8 Wild Bird Lover's Single Purple Martin Gourds
Qty 1 Wild Bird Lover's Aluminum Pole for 8 Gourds, 4 Over 4

Opening: 2.125” dia.
Gourd Dimensions: 6.625” dia. x 12.25”H
Gourd Mounting: may be hung on included pole
Gourd Construction: plastic
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