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Green Bird

GreenBird Sunflower Seed Pies

GreenBird Sunflower Seed Pies

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Celebrate the full flower life cycle with your child using these GreenBird Sunflower Seed Pies. This container of 2 unique discs is great for getting started with bird gardening, or for adding to a child's birding package. Each seed pie is made from recycled paper and sunflower seeds, designed to help the flower germinate and root in your yard. Place these 6" diameter discs in a shallow hole, and water them regularly. Once they are exposed to sun and the elements and begin to sprout, the seedlings can be planted throughout your landscaping. The packaging indicates what sun exposure, planting depth, and spacing is ideal for these blooms, and the recycled paper base acts as a biodegradable, earth-friendly medium. Once the sunflowers begin to flourish, harvest their seeds for use in your existing bird feeders. Beginning flowers from seeds can help teach children about natural life cycles, and this set is perfect for growing on a balcony or small yard. Bolster the connection between growing flowers and feeding birds by starting plants from these Sunflower Seed Pies. Made in the USA.

Note: Your purchase supports Scenic Rivers Industries, a workshop that provides dignified employment for people with disabilities.

Package Contents: 2 seed pies
Dimensions: ~6" dia. each
Mounting: place in soil
Construction: recycled paper, sunflower seeds
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