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Green Bird

GreenBird Eco Friendly Unassembled Wren House

GreenBird Eco Friendly Unassembled Wren House

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Reinforce your child's love of nature with this GreenBird Eco Friendly Unassembled Wren House. This item not only offers shelter to your feathered friends; its environmentally friendly materials also help you care for the earth. Three layers of recycled paper, combined with a water resistant bonding agent, form the nest box, and scored lines on this template indicate where it should be folded for proper assembly. It can be folded either with its brown or white side showing, and makes a perfect canvas for kids to showcase their creativity. The paper easily accepts paint, stickers, glass jewels, or any other adornment, allowing your daughter or son to display their personal style for their feathered friends. A 1.25" diameter entry hole enables wrens or titmice to roost here, and the roof overhangs this entry for protection from rain. A cotton strap slides through slots on the roof for hanging the home, or can be oriented downward to help secure the domicile on a post. Both the recycled paper frame and cotton strap are designed to biodegrade over time, lessening landfill mass while enhancing the ecologically friendly element of the unit. Instill a love of the natural world and crafting in your child with this Eco Friendly Unassembled Wren House. Assembly required. Made in the USA.

Note: Your purchase supports Scenic Rivers Industries, a workshop that provides dignified employment for people with disabilities.

Opening: 1.25" dia.
Dimensions: 9"L x 7"W x 8.5"H
Mounting: may be hung or post mounted
Construction: recycled paper, cotton strap
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