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Green Bird

GreenBird Cone Flower Seed Pies

GreenBird Cone Flower Seed Pies

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Strengthen the connection between flowers and feeding birds with these GreenBird Cone Flower Seed Pies. Adding home grown seed to your bird feeding options wonderfully combines two of your hobbies. This packet contains 2 recycled paper discs, each containing several purple cone flower seeds. The medium keeps the seeds in a convenient bundle, making it easy to plant them in shallow soil. After these discs have been planted, watered, and exposed to the sun, the media also aids in germination. The packaging indicates the optimal sun exposure, depth, and spacing for purple cone flowers, and each disc can be cut apart once plants have sprouted and grown leaves for dotting throughout your yard. Showcase these familiar, colorful blooms in your garden all summer, and allow them to go to seed at the end of their growing season for birds to dine. Enhance your flowerbed or landscaping and encourage birds to eat there using these Cone Flower Seed Pies. Made in the USA.

Note: Your purchase supports Scenic Rivers Industries, a workshop that provides dignified employment for people with disabilities.

Package Contents: 2 seed pies
Dimensions: ~6" dia. each
Mounting: place in soil
Construction: recycled paper, cone flower seeds
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