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Prime Retreat

Grampa's DIY Bundle by Prime Retreat

Grampa's DIY Bundle by Prime Retreat

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Build memories with the whole family while harkening back to simpler times with this fantastic Grampa's DIY Bundle by Prime Retreat. This fabulous assortment provides a plethora of convenient and handy items to create lasting displays that will bring smiles and cheer to you and your loved ones. Start the array of projects with the included DIY Bluebird House by Prime Retreat, with its pre-cut panels making a simple to assemble and naturally beautiful item for all ages. The 1.5" diameter entrance hole of the bluebird abode lends an ideal access for these delightful birds, letting you house them in the yard. Also included in this charming package is the Build-Your-Own Hanging Bird Table Kit, a handy wood unit with six prefabricated pieces and included screws to allow for easy construction as you invite birds to dine in your backyard. This gorgeous hanging feeder sports a fly-through layout to let feathered friends easily access your seed offerings, and the straightforward, simple construction lets young and beginning birders join a grandparent for maximum DIY fun. Further building projects await with the included DIY Cedar Bat House. This cedar kit lets the whole family build additional housing for flying friends, with pre-cut panels leading to simple assembly for all hobbyists. This bat house accommodates up to 20 bats and serves to educate on the value of these natural pollinators and pest eradicators. Instill a dash of seasonal charm to the rest of the projects with the EZ-DIY Cedar Reindeer, a unique and whimsical kit that will let you set up a wondrous reindeer figure for wintry, family holidays. Googly eyes, cedar discs, and brown pipe cleaners help lend character and charm to this fun and lighthearted, seasonal figure, and a distinctive aroma provides a pleasant scent to the family building area. For a unique and fun twist, utilize the included GreenBird Real Milk Paint Powders to customize the appearance of these items to your liking. Mix this collection of natural, non-toxic pigments with water to easily apply color and specific charm to the different houses. The red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown, black, and white pigments offer a plethora of decorative options to an enthusiastic builder, letting you and others forge lasting memories as you shape these items with one of a kind style. Supplement and round out your birding knowledge with the Birding 101 Booklet, a handy and compact guide featuring six double-sided, color panels full of information about this spectacular hobby. Peruse the glossy panels to pick up tips about different birds and their habitats, as well as hints on attracting feathered friends to the outdoor family space. Create precious, family moments that will last a lifetime, transforming project time into enduring fun with the amazing Grampa's DIY Bundle. Assembly required. Bluebird house, bat house, cedar reindeer, booklet, and milk paint made in the USA.

Note: Your purchase supports Scenic Rivers Industries, a workshop that provides dignified employment for people with disabilities. A portion of proceeds from the sale of the All About Birds pocket guides supports the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's ongoing research and education programs.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 DIY Bluebird House by Prime Retreat
Qty 1 Build-Your-Own Hanging Bird Table Kit
Qty 1 DIY Cedar Bat House by Prime Retreat
Qty 1 EZ-DIY Cedar Reindeer by Prime Retreat
Qty 1 GreenBird Real Milk Paint Powders
Qty 1 Waterford Press Birding 101 Booklet

Bird Table Kit Capacity: 0.63 qts., 0.95 lbs.
DIY Bat House Capacity: 20 bats
DIY Bluebird House Opening: 1.5" dia.
DIY Bluebird House Contents: 6 pre-cut cedar panels, screws
DIY Bat House Contents: 5 pre-cut cedar panels, screws
Cedar Reindeer Kit Contents: 2 cedar sections, 1 cedar disc, 2 half round discs, 4 long dowels, 1 short dowel, 4 plastic caps, 2 googly eyes, 4 pipe cleaners, 3 screws
Milk Paint Package Contents: 8 jars milk paint pigments, stirring sticks
Bird Table Kit Dimensions: 9.75"L x 9.625"W x 7"H
DIY Bluebird House Dimensions: 5.25"W x 5.5"D x 12"H assembled
DIY Bat House Dimensions: 5.5"W x 7.25"D x 13"H when assembled
Cedar Reindeer Kit Dimensions: 9.75"L x 5.5"W x 14"H assembled, not including antlers
Bird Table Kit Mounting: may be hung or pole mounted
DIY Bluebird House Mounting: post or wall mount
DIY Bat House Mounting: mount to flat, vertical surface
Cedar Reindeer Kit Mounting: place on level surface
Bird Table Kit Construction: wood
DIY Bluebird House and Bat House Construction: cedar
Cedar Reindeer Kit Construction: cedar logs, wooden dowels, plastic, metal
Booklet Details: 6 panels front and back, 8.25"L x 4"W
Publisher: Waterford Press
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