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Gardman Potato Tubs, 15" dia., 3 Packs of 2

Gardman Potato Tubs, 15" dia., 3 Packs of 2

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Enjoy home grown potatoes even without a garden using the Gardman Potato Tubs. These flexible and durable planters offer a convenient spot to grow your own potatoes, without requiring a garden plot or even a yard. Each of these generous, 15" diameter, polypropylene bags can rest on a patio, balcony, or deck, and their 19" depth holds a wealth of potting soil and compost. A plastic, reinforcing ring at the top of each helps the unit retain its shape, while sturdy seams and handles make the item easy to reposition as needed. A few drainage holes at the base of the planter prevent overwatering, and the green color lends a natural look to it. Two flaps near the base of the item allow you to harvest large potatoes without disturbing soil near the top of the plant, while the deep unit is also great for growing radishes or carrots. Velcro keeps the flaps closed when not in use, retaining moisture, and the units fold flat for seasonal storage. Start a vegetable garden in moments using these Potato Tubs.

Note: This case pack includes 3 of the Gardman Potato Tub 2 Packs, 15" dia.

Dimensions: 15" dia. x 19"H
Mounting: place on flat surface
Construction: polypropylene, plastic
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