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Gardman Dried Mealworms - 84 ounces

Gardman Dried Mealworms - 84 ounces

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Attract robins, cardinals, jays and several other feathered friends with a delightful, nutritious treat using these Gardman Dried Mealworms in your bird feeder. Mealworms closely resemble natural foods found in the wild, and adding these dried insects to your birding sanctuary beckons a variety of birds to visit your garden, while providing them with essential protein and fat. This pair of sizable receptacles are each over 2 pounds, giving you a total of approximately 60,000 dried mealworms, for a plentiful and lasting supply of these helpful indulgences. Place the worms in a mealworm feeder, on a bird table, or on the ground to treat avian visitors to these delicacies all year round straight from the pack, or soak them in warm water for 15 minutes or until soft to rehydrate them for added appeal to younger birds. These morsels require no refrigeration, and may be mixed with seed or suet to attract an even wider variety of birds to your feeding locale. Invite a vast assortment of different birds to feast in exquisite style by adding these Dried Mealworms to your feed offerings.

Note: This case pack contains 2 packs of Gardman Dried Mealworms, 42 oz. each.

Birds that enjoy this feed:
  • blackbirds, bluebirds, cardinals, finches, jays, kinglets, orioles, robins, siskins, tanagers, thrushes, titmice, warblers, waxwings, and wrens
Feeder Options: mealworm feeders, platform feeders, and tray feeders
Ingredients: dried mealworms
Guaranteed Analysis: minimum crude protein 53%, minimum crude fat 28%, maximum crude fiber 6%, maximum ash 5.6%, maximum crude moisture 5%
Weight: 42 oz.; ~30,000 mealworms each
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