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Gardeneer Tree Watering Bags, Pack of 10

Gardeneer Tree Watering Bags, Pack of 10

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Surround your new trees with a constant and even water source using these Gardeneer Tree Watering Bags. This set contains 10 hardy, polypropylene bags, each with a wooden stake and 2 drippers for perfectly hydrating transplanted trees. The generous bags are designed to fully encircle a tree trunk, and the stake laces through the dual, perforated ends to complete the ring. Ensure the fill hole is oriented upward, and completely fill the vessel until it creates a ring around your tree. Determine where to best locate one or both of the included drippers, and use the included punch to aid in installing them. These mechanisms will release water slowly, keeping the roots hydrated without fully saturating the area, and the vessel holds up to 15 gallons. This offers up to 2 weeks of consistent watering, and the green color of the bag meshes with your grass. Care for your arboreal investments and carefully water them using these Tree Watering Bags. Made in the USA. Ninety day limited warranty.

Note: This case pack contains 10 Gardeneer Tree Watering Bags.

Bag Dimensions: 78"L x 14"H empty, 22" dia. x 14"H filled
Mounting: stake post in soil, place bag around tree trunk
Construction: polypropylene bag, plastic drippers, wooden stake
Mfg. Warranty: 90 day limited warranty
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