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Gardeneer Insulated Plant Protectors, Red, Set of 9

Gardeneer Insulated Plant Protectors, Red, Set of 9

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Gently warm garden soil for early planting of delicate crops with these Gardeneer Red Insulated Plant Protectors. Using these 9 sturdy, plastic sheets in your plot not only extends your growing season; it can also increase tomato yields significantly. Their patented design makes the plastic rings easy to fill, place, and maintain, while their red color is ideal for use with tomato plants. Fill the preformed troughs within each sheet with water, and stand each protector ring on the soil where you wish to plant a seedling or young crop. This gently warms soil, allowing you to plant earlier in the season, as the water in the chambers absorbs the sun's heat during the day. As temperatures drop near freezing each night, the heat from the water escapes into the air, warming your plant and protecting it from the cold. A photosynthetic red film further assists your favorite crop by increasing tomato harvests, and the set of 9 is great for a full garden row. Empty the robust, plastic bags when past the danger of frost in your area, and store them flat in preparation for use next season. Keep young plants safe from frost using these Red Insulated Plant Protectors. Made in the USA.

Note: This package contains 9 of the Gardeneer Insulated Plant Protectors, Red.

Dimensions: 27.25"L x 18"H unfilled, ~18" dia. filled each
Mounting: place on ground around plant
Construction: plastic
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