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Firestone QuickPrime Plus, 1 gallon, Pack of 2

Firestone QuickPrime Plus, 1 gallon, Pack of 2

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Take precautions to make sure your pond liner seam stays functional and securely fastened by preparing it with Firestone QuickPrime Plus. This product is specifically formulated to treat and clean your existing PondGard EPDM liner prior to splicing or seaming with Firestone QuickSeam items, and the pair of 1 gallon containers is great for a lengthy splice or several seams. The synthetic polymer primer is best applied with the help of a QuickScrubber pad using even, back and forth strokes for optimal results. Simply let each application dry for roughly ten minutes, then you will be ready to apply your seaming adhesives. This pair of gallon units allows you to tend to a large amount of liner, with each of these gallon buckets of QuickPrime covering a substantial, maximum area of 100 square feet to offer you ample coverage for all your priming efforts. Treat your pond liner and maintain secure splices and liner junctions with this helpful pack of 2 containers of Firestone QuickPrime Plus.

Note: This case pack contains 2 gallons of the Firestone QuickPrime Plus.

Container Size: 1 gal. each
Coverage: 100 sq. ft. each
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