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Esschert Design USA, LLC

Esschert Design Slate Sundial and Thermometer Package

Esschert Design Slate Sundial and Thermometer Package

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Showcase your love of weather monitoring and the beauty of nature with this Esschert Design Slate Sundial and Thermometer Package. This matching set brings wonderful, robust instruments to your backyard, making it simple to check both the time and temperature. A slate disc with carved Roman numerals around the edge forms the classic sundial, and a triangular piece of rock attaches to the center, creating a gnomon. When oriented celestial north and angled per the included chart, the shadow cast by the gnomon displays the accurate sun time. Its level base easily nestles within your flowerbed, or can be placed on a pedestal for a different look. Couple this with the included thermometer to complete the effect. A 4.75" diameter, slate disc matches the sundial, and easily supports a plastic, dial style thermometer. A black needle and demarcations note the outdoor temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, and a hanger on the back makes it easy to place this piece against a wall. The durable, slate construction of each instrument highlights the natural world, and the function of these items celebrate the sun's power. Check the time and temperature in your garden with this Slate Sundial and Thermometer Package.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Esschert Design Slate Sundial, Gray, 9.75" dia.
Qty 1 Esschert Design Slate Round Thermometer, Gray, 4.75" dia.

Sundial Dimensions: 9.75" dia. x 5.75"H
Thermometer Dimensions: 4.75" dia. x 1.25"H
Sundial Mounting: place on ground
Thermometer Mounting: wall mount
Sundial Construction: slate
Thermometer Construction: plastic, slate, metal
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