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Esschert Design Plant Watering Spikes, Pack of 4

Esschert Design Plant Watering Spikes, Pack of 4

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Reuse a few empty wine bottles and help your potted plants thrive with these Esschert Design Plant Watering Spikes. This pack of 4 ceramic stakes offers a convenient and environmentally sound way to keep your flowers hydrated. The units install into moist soil, and the open top of each accommodates a wine bottle (not included) easily. Fill the bottle with water to create a generous reservoir. As the soil around the stakes dry, capillary action from the plant roots pulls water through the porous clay, keeping the flower or herbs perfectly watered. This technique not only helps conserve water, as it is required less often; it also focuses the hydration on the root system for less evaporation and better overall health. The top reservoirs you add make it simple to monitor water levels at a glance, while diminishing landfill waste. For more versatility, place all 4 of these spikes in a larger plant to keep it hydrated while you are on a short trip. Add an environmentally friendly water source to your potted plants with these Plant Watering Spikes.

Note: This case pack contains 4 of the Esschert Design Plant Watering Spikes.

Dimensions: 2"L x 1.75"W x 6.75"H each
Mounting: stake in soil
Construction: ceramic
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