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Esschert Design USA, LLC

Esschert Design Hobnail Glass Wasp Traps, Pack of 3

Esschert Design Hobnail Glass Wasp Traps, Pack of 3

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Add a decorative hint to your outdoor pest control with these Esschert Design Hobnail Glass Wasp Traps. This set of 3, classic traps uses the natural tendencies of wasps to capture them, while their hobnail glass bodies bring fantastic texture to the package. A diamond pattern throughout each glass bottle lends a touch of elegance to your patio, enhanced by a few fleur-de-lis and flourish shapes. An inset opening on the bottom of each unit allows wasps to enter, and a moat here may be filled with soda, juice, or another sweet liquid to attract the insects. Once they enter, bees and wasps try to fly upward to escape, and are blocked by the narrow neck and cork stopper. This prevents them from exiting, for a lasting and pesticide free method of control. Three nubs on the base of each trap act as feet, allowing you to rest them on a level surface, while the attached wire makes it simple to hang the units in trees. Remove the cork to clean or refill the traps, for use over and over again. Stop wasps from ruining your outdoor summer activities with help from these Hobnail Glass Wasp Traps.

Note: This case pack contains 3 of the Esschert Design Hobnail Glass Wasp Traps.

Dimensions: 5.75" dia. x 8.75"H each
Mounting: may be hung or rest on level surface
Construction: glass, cork, metal
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