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Esschert Design USA, LLC

Esschert Design Glass Fly Deterrents, Pack of 3

Esschert Design Glass Fly Deterrents, Pack of 3

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Discourage flies from congregating in your garden with these Esschert Design Glass Fly Deterrents. This set of 3 dramatic, glass bulbs uses a centuries-old concept to confuse flies, keeping them away from your area without any harsh chemicals or sprays. Add water to the bottom reservoir on each teardrop shaped piece, and hang it from a bracket or branch with its leather strap. The water not only enlarges the background behind the units; it also adds color and movement to your garden, scaring flies and other insect pests. This naturally causes them to avoid the area, while the clear glass construction lends a designer element to sections of your yard. Sustainably and easily keep flies away from your deck or patio using these Glass Fly Deterrents.

Note: This case pack contains 3 of the Esschert Design Glass Fly Deterrents.

Dimensions: 4" dia. x 7.625"H each
Mounting: hang from included strap
Construction: glass reservoir, leather strap
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