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Erva Tool & Die Co., INC.

Erva Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Gray, 17" dia., Pack of 4

Erva Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Gray, 17" dia., Pack of 4

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Discourage squirrels from climbing upward and damaging your pole mounted bird houses and feeders using these Erva Gray Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles. This generous set of 4 sturdy, galvanized steel baffles is a boon to your squirrel stopping efforts. Each significant deflector forms a physical barrier around your pole, preventing squirrels from climbing it. Their wrap-around design allows you to add them to poles without removing the top accent, or they can be used on shepherd hooks for versatility. An interlocking tab keeps each baffle securely closed, while the included mounting collars work with poles from 0.5" to 1" in outer diameter, or 0.4375" to 0.625" square bar shafts for more placement options. Each baffle rests atop one of these collars, keeping them in place on your pole. Crafted of durable steel, the 4 cones will certainly last for many seasons, and their galvanized finish eliminates rusting. Protect your pole mounted bird feeders or houses from marauding squirrels with these Gray Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 4 of the Erva Wrap-Around Squirrel Baffles, Gray, 17" dia. each.

Dimensions: 17" dia. x 6"H each
Mounting: wrap around pole
Construction: steel
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