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Erva Double Offset Shepherd Hooks, Black, 7' 8"H, Pack of 3

Erva Double Offset Shepherd Hooks, Black, 7' 8"H, Pack of 3

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Create an expansive and varied display throughout your entire yard with this 3 pack of Erva Black Double Offset Shepherd Hooks. Placing this set of shepherd hooks in your backyard gives you a suitable and eye-catching way to showcase your outdoor accents and birding accessories while creating multiple points of interest, as each unit’s sturdy, dual hooks provide support and durable appeal. The powder-coated, black finish on the hooks lends a bold and alluring tone to the staunch frame, creating contrast when paired with vibrant foliage and flowers that will easily hang from each piece’s arcing arms. The upper arm of each item hangs 76” above the ground at the hook point once mounted in the soil, while the bottom hook rests 6" lower to offer variable spacing and added visual contrast. The hardy hooks rest on opposite sides of the center post, and the 12" clearance of each side lets you have a spacious and generous display for a bevy of your favorite birding items among your outdoor ​décor. Each fantastic hook may be mounted easily into soil with its 12" step-in base, and the steel, square frame offers an enduring and reliable display throughout several seasons of repeated use. Straightforward, simple design allows you to easily move and store these pieces, as the arms on each remove from the main shaft for compact convenience. Give your blossoms, herbs, and favorite bird feeders a lofty showcase all throughout your yard with this set of 3 Black Double Offset Shepherd Hooks. Assembly required. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 3 of the Erva Double Offset Shepherd Hooks, Black, 7' 8"H each.

Capacity: 10 lbs. per hook
Dimensions: 92"H each, 12" clearance from shaft to hook
Mounting: place in ground
Construction: wrought iron
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