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Erva Bunny Barricades and 1 Gallon Bonide Repels-All Spray

Erva Bunny Barricades and 1 Gallon Bonide Repels-All Spray

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Protect your flowers, crops, and landscaping from rabbits and other destructive animals with this package of Erva Bunny Barricades and 1 Gallon of Bonide Repels-All Spray. This fantastic kit provides both a physical barrier and a scent repellent, discouraging rabbits and squirrels from frequenting your garden. The ten cylindrical, Erva Bunny Barricades perfectly surround your favorite crops or blooms, designed to wrap around plants up to 12" in diameter. A hook closure on each metal barrier makes placement simple, and included anchors keep them secured in your garden. A vinyl coating on each metal unit provides both durability and longevity. Spray the included gallon of Bonide Repels-All Animal Repellent spray on your plants to further discourage animal activity. The ingredients in this biodegradable product are designed to mildly irritate an animal's nasal passages, triggering them to instinctively avoid the area. An included trigger nozzle makes applying the liquid simple, and the product remains effective for up to two months. Keep your landscaping or garden free of rabbits with this Bunny Barricades and 1 Gallon Repels-All Spray package. Made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Erva Bunny Barricades, Pack of 10
Qty 1 Bonide Repels-All Animal Repellent, Ready to Use, 1 Gallon

Bunny Barricade Dimensions: 13" dia. x 13.5"H each
Bunny Barricade Mounting: place on ground
Bunny Barricade Construction: metal
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