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Eastern Bluebird House DIY Kit with Nest Lift

Eastern Bluebird House DIY Kit with Nest Lift

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Help foster an appreciation of birds through hands-on construction while offering bluebirds a secure home with this Eastern Bluebird House DIY Kit with Nest Lift by Prime Retreat.

  • Precut pine panels and included hardware allow for easy bluebird house assembly.
  • 1.5" diameter entry and 0.75" thick pine panels create a suitable shelter for bluebirds.
  • Wood guard around the home's entry discourages predators.
  • Downward sloping roof and drainage gaps in base make for a clean home.
  • Metal latch allows for easy nest checks, while a metal hanger lets you place the shelter against a wall or fence.
  • Side panel lifts upward to allow for placement of the included nest lift.
  • Stainless steel platform elevates the nest off of the home's floor to prevent access by blowflies and parasites.
  • 0.375" square mesh holds the nest and allows water and debris to drop through.
  • Bluebird house assembly required. House kit and nest lift made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 1 Coveside Eastern Bluebird House DIY Kit
Qty 1 Classic Bluebird House Nest Lift by Prime Retreat

House Contents: 6 precut pine panels, nails, screws, and hanger
Opening: 1.5" dia.
House Dimensions: 9"L x 5.5"W x 11.75"H
House Mounting: wall or post mount
House Construction: pine
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