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Prime Retreat

Crimson Decorative Glass Hummingbird Feeders with Nectar

Crimson Decorative Glass Hummingbird Feeders with Nectar

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Create a lovely and expansive feeding haven for entertaining hummingbirds in your backyard with this outstanding Crimson Decorative Glass Hummingbird Feeders with Nectar package by Prime Retreat. This comprehensive package includes a pair of the Nature’s Way Crimson Decorative Glass Hummingbird Feeders to draw a whole flock of hummingbirds to the garden, while also offering a bottle of Best-1 Instant Hummingbird Nectar to provide them a caloric and nutritious treat. The low profile feeders form convenient feeding spots in your outdoor space, while painted flowers decorate each feeder’s body. Three flower shaped blooms affix to each glass reservoir, and these flexible, naturally shaped ports create triple perching and dining spaces for hungry hummers. A bright red cap and leak free gasket gives a tight and secure fit to each item, and you may fill them each with up to 13 ounces of the included instant nectar for a simple and easy food offering. This natural powder contains no color or preservatives, making it an ideal and healthy food source for your feathered friends. Simply mix 8 ounces of the powder with 32 ounces of water to make fresh nectar, adding it to your feeders once fully cooled for a tasty treat. Each feeder’s wide opening allows you to easily add this nectar, while also offering you a means for proper maintenance, and the whole receptacle can be removed from its hanging frame for further upkeep. The crimson frame for each feeder has an additional loop at the bottom, giving you the option to connect the units together for an extended setup, or add even more feeders to make this a truly bustling hummingbird haven. The feeder components may be placed in the top rack of your dishwasher for thorough cleaning, promoting long term, pristine quality throughout repeated use. Set up a fantastic hummingbird hotspot in your backyard with the handy and convenient Crimson Decorative Glass Hummingbird Feeders with Nectar kit. Nectar made in the USA.

Kit Contents:
Qty 2 Nature's Way Decorative Glass Hummingbird Feeders, Crimson
Qty 1 Best-1 Instant Hummingbird Nectar, Clear, 14 oz.

Birds that use these feeders:
  • hummingbirds
Seed or Feed Options: nectar
Capacity: 13 oz.; 3 ports each
Dimensions: 7" dia. x 10"H frame, 6" dia. x 3"H vessel each
Mounting: may be hung
Construction: glass, plastic, metal frame
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