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Coveside Window Nest Box Kits, Club Pack of 4

Coveside Window Nest Box Kits, Club Pack of 4

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Introduce a few children to avian nesting behaviors with this Club Pack of 4 Coveside Window Nest Box Kits. This package provides the panels and raw materials to form 4 window nest boxes, acting both as a fun scout group project and a way to get others interested in birding behaviors. Five precut, pine panels and a durable plexiglass panel create each shelter, and the pieces assemble with only a hammer and screwdriver. Each front panel sports a 1.25” diameter entry hole and is nicely sized for a wren or chickadee to roost. A downwardly angled, overhanging roof keeps rain away from this entrance hole, and its slightly curved edge adds a bit of style to the home. Squared openings on the two side panels ensure each home remains ventilated, enhanced by the 0.75” thick pine and its soft, light tan tone. The 4” square floor panel sports a gap in each corner for draining any captured water, helping nestlings remain dry. Rather than a wooden back, the final panel of each is made of clear plastic, and included suction cups help you mount the home to an outdoor window in moments. This keeps the nesting activity readily visible, bolstering your understanding of and appreciation for your feathered friends. The 4 DIY kits are a great project for an after school group, or as a rainy day family activity. Robust pine weathers to a beautiful gray over time, and the suction cups make the house easy to remove from your window at the end of nesting season. Use this set of 4 Window Nest Box Kits to bring a love of birding and building to your young charges. Assembly required. Made in the USA.

Note: This club pack contains 4 of the Coveside Window Nest Box Kits.

Contents: 5 pre-cut pine panels, 1 plexiglass panel, 4 suction cups, screws, and nails each kit
Opening: 1.25" dia.
Dimensions: 7"L x 5.5"W x 8.75"H each
Mounting: window mount with included suction cups
Construction: pine, plexiglass
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