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Coveside WBU Exclusive Wood Duck Houses, Pack of 6

Coveside WBU Exclusive Wood Duck Houses, Pack of 6

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Help your valued customers as they look to construct lasting habitats for waterfowl with this Pack of 6 Coveside WBU Exclusive Unassembled Wood Duck Houses. These half dozen unassembled units contain pre-cut, specifically-sized panels and necessary hardware that assembles together readily, helping clients create a fantastic set of nest boxes for wood ducks and other small ducks. These amazing birds prefer to nest in cavities, but are unable to excavate their own, relying on old or abandoned woodpecker nests to meet their needs. As such, they often will use manmade shelters, and these significant, pine units provide a wealth of roosting room for ducks in need. The front panel of each sports a 4" wide and 3" tall, oval opening to best attract wood ducks, and sits near the top of this board to deter predation. Within each piece is a vinyl-coated grid, which acts as a ladder for nestlings to reach the exit when ready for egress, enhanced by the rough-hewn pine. A generous overhang on the sloped roof keeps water from entering each house's chamber, while a gap in each base corner provides drainage for any captured precipitation. Robust, 0.75" thick pine boards wonderfully insulate the nesting area, while gaps along the top of the homes ensure they each remain nicely ventilated. A single side panel on each unit is divided with dual-latched sections; the larger, top piece swings upward for nest checks, while the smaller, lower piece allows customers to clean the nesting area. Predrilled holes, included hardware, and easy-to-follow instructions make these dwellings a simple to assemble, fun project for clients, and an included hanger aids in placing each unit against a wall, post, or tree. The included wood chips assist waterfowl in creating a cozy nest while keeping the eggs in place, while the pine body remains durable for seasons of reliable service, and will age to offer clients a lovely gray tone they may enjoy over time. These half dozen kits represent an ideal family project for patrons, and the thoughtful design makes completing each shelter a simple task. Help your customers lend waterfowl ideal nesting sites as they undertake a fun building project with these WBU Exclusive Unassembled Wood Duck Houses. Assembly required. Made in the USA.

Note: This case pack contains 6 of the Coveside WBU Exclusive Unassembled Wood Duck Houses.

Contents: 7 pre-cut pine panels, hardware
Opening: 4"W x 3"H each
Dimensions: 15"L x 10.75"W x 24"H each
Mounting: post or tree mount
Construction: pine
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